The Penguin-Skua War is the final confrontation between the Emperor Penguins of Emperor-Land and the Skuas with Boss Skua in MarioFan65's fan-fiction The Story of The Five Amigos.


When Erik is hatched on Mumble's feet, he learns how to walk and say like everything, but the skuas have arrive with their boss, Alpha Skua.

When the emperor penguins scrambled to get away, more skuas were coming to attack the emperor penguins and the war has started here. Ramón was fighting with Alpha Skua while Mumble, Erik with the Amigos, are fighting Vinnie, Dino, and Frankie, we saw Seymour slaping the skuas by saying, "Papa knock you down!, Papa knock you down!".

Fighting of arguring were hearing of this and when Ramón battles Boss Skua, Vinnie traps him by saying, "Gotya!". The Boss Skua thanks Vinnie for trapping him down as Raul and Rinaldo comes to the rescue, Boss Skua said to Mumble, Erik, The Amigos, and his skua friends to go somewhere else as leaving Emperor-Land.

In a snowy plain, 20 skuas are going with Boss Skua while the other are fighting with the Emperor Penguins. They went to a plain spot near to the left of Amigos Cave and while Mumble and his team is gonna battle Boss Skua's crew, he says, "Hey there, wanna fight?". The Boss Skua says "Yes and your getting a new bow-tie." as his enemies were being rude to him.

The next battle begins when the skuas begins to fight Mumble and the Amigos, Dino captures Erik by having him saying "No! Help Me!.", but Mumble saw Erik on Dino's feet and Mumble says, "Erik! Hold On!".

In the other side, Ramón and the Amigos were moving back from the 15 skuas as they ended up being trapped by Vinnie and Frankie. Rinaldo looks up by seeing Dino talking to Erik and says, "Boys!, smallboy is in danger!". The Amigos were worried by saying "Oh No!" as Vinnie evilly becomes happy and says "Oh Yes!".

Mumble picks up a snowball and throw it at Dino's head and when Erik is falling, Mumble saves him by holding on his filppers and Dino says, "Get you dirty filppers off him!". Mumble says, "NO! YOU LEFT MY SON ALONE YOU LITTLE SKUA FREAK!".



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