The Story of Terry the Penguin new title

Chapter 4 is the fourth chapter of The Story of Terry the Penguin by MarioFan65.

This Chapter is called "Skua Attack/Terry's Capture".


(The skuas arrives at Emperor Village, attacking most of the adults as Germany was holding againist them with his ice stick)

  • Germany: GET OUT! GET OUT!
  • Boss Skua: *move back* What your doing flipper boid?
  • Germany: YOU! BE GONE!
  • Boss Skua: Gone? GONE?! *fly away* NEVER!
  • Tarry: Stop right there!
  • Boss Skua: Boys, get him.
  • Dino: Let's go boys.
  • Frankie: Get the daddy!

(The skuas fly after Tarry)

  • Boss Skua: Where is your baby boy?
  • Tarry: You will never find him.
  • Vinnie: Guess what? Attack!

(The skuas attacked Tarry and Terri come to hit the skuas with her snowballs)

  • Dino: Ah! Snow!
  • Frankie: I hate snow.
  • Terri: Get out of here!
  • Boss Skua: Fools! Bring me more members.

(More skuas come to attack)

  • Boss Skua: Dino, Frankie and Vinnie, get the kid.
  • Dino: Yes sir.
  • Terri: No.
  • Boss Skua: Boys, attack!

(More skuas fight with Tarry)

  • Tarry: All of you get out!
  • Boss Skua: Ha ha ha ha ha. Good luck trying to find your son.

(At Terry's Igloo House, Terry was in his room playing with his ice stick)

  • Terry: I hate skuas. They will die.

(Dino, Frankie and Vinnie break the window and mee Terry)

  • Terry: *scream*
  • Dino: Roar! I'm a Dinoskua.
  • Frankie: We're flipper boids, not dinoskuas!
  • Dino: Hey. Cut that out.
  • Terry: Filp and boid? What's that.
  • Vinnie: Fry me in. We're skua birds and what are you doing?
  • Terry: Leave me alone and i'm playing with my ice stick. Hello, do you see?
  • Dino: Cool, but where are the fishes?
  • Terry: We don't have fish, this is not a beach.
  • Vinnie: Boys, get him.

(The skuas begins to chase Terry around the house from hiding on the table as the 2 skuas found him)

  • Terry: *kick Dino*
  • Dino: Ow.

(Next, Terry was hiding on a chair but doesn't fit. He ran over to the baby toys and hide on the box.)

  • Terry: Finally, i'm free!
  • Frankie: Did you hear that Dino?
  • Dino: Yes. He's there on one of the toys.
  • Terry: *pops up, see 2 two skuas and got shocked*
  • Vinnie: It's Him!
  • Terry: *scream by running off the house and ran into outside*
  • Dino: Go get him.

(The skuas chase Terry)

  • Tarry: Terry No!

(The skuas block Tarry)

  • Tarry: No!
  • Terry: *jump and hit Dino and Frankie with his ice stick*
  • Dino: Ow.
  • Frankie: Vinnie!
  • Vinnie: *try to catch Terry*
  • Terry: *hit Vinnie with his ice stick*
  • Vinnie: No!
  • Terri: *slap the skuas* Get out!
  • Tarry: *trap* Let go of me.
  • Boss Skua: *laugh* You're longer free Tarry.
  • Terry: Leave my dad alone!
  • Boss Skua: What?
  • Boss Skua: Oh, a nice tasty snack for me. Boys, trap him.
  • Skuas: *captures Terry*
  • Terry: Daddy Help!
  • Tarry: No! You're not suppose to do that when your alone. This is all your fault.
  • Terri: Tarry!
  • Boss Skua: Skuas, let's go home.
  • Germany: No! Don't leave.
  • Boss Skua: Hey, what is your problem and why are you screaming on my face?
  • Germany: Drop the kid now.
  • Boss Skua: NEVER! BOYS, GO AWAY!

(All of the skuas are flying away with Terry)

  • Germany: ELDERS! GO! GO! GO!

(The Elders try to throw snowballs at them but fly away fast)

  • Elder 1: No!
  • Elder 2: We miss.
  • Elder 3: We can't do it. We're getting old Germany. I'm sorry.
  • Germany: WHAT?!
  • Terri: Terry is gone! What have you done Tarry?
  • Tarry: I'm sorry. It's the best i can do.

(Dino, Frankie, Vinnie wake up and flee away from the emperor nation)

  • Germany: Is anyone alright?
  • Everyone: Yes!
  • Tarry: No, Terry is captured, he's dead and gone until we get a new chick.
  • Germany: No buts. Every mating season, you can get only one egg.
  • Tarry: How do i get a new one?
  • Germany: It's okay, Noah will get you one as a adopt chick.
  • Tarry: No, i'm getting one by my own!
  • Germany: Man, you don't need to shout!
  • Terri: Stop! Both of you, you're facing the consequences.
  • Germany: Consequences? He will try if he will get another one. It will be great without Terry.
  • Tarry: Never, i refuse. I will find Terry on my own.
  • Germany: Really? How come.
  • Tarry: You know, if i find him, we cheer, if not, we won't defeat King Polar for good and who's with me?
  • Germany: King Polar, our worst enemy we faced back from two years.
  • Elder 1: He is that very bad bear you don't want to mess with.
  • Terri: What will we do?
  • Tarry: I will find Terry and bring him back here. Now make some noise!
  • Everyone: *cheered*
  • Terri: Goodbye Tarry.
  • Tarry: Goodbye my love. I'll be back.
  • Germany: Good luck. Just to warn you that watch out for leopard seals.
  • Tarry: I will.
  • Germany: Good. I will alway keep an eye on you from my telescope.

(Tarry left the Emperor Village and go on a quest to find his son Terry)

  • Tarry: I will find you son. I will find you...


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