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The Story of The Five Amigos: The Videogame is a fan game by MarioFan65. It is based on the movie (fan-fiction), The Story of The Five Amigos and it will be released on the following consoles, Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC, Nintendo Wii U, and Nintendo 3DS. The game was released on November 11, 2014.

Playable CharactersEdit



Chapter 1Edit

  • Snow Hill Island
  • Snow Hill Fishing Grounds
  • Emperor-Land (first time)
  • Amigos Cave (first time)

Chapter 2Edit

  • Adélie Village (first time)
  • Ramón's Igloo House
  • Adélie Village (second time in "Dance competition" and "Boss Level")

Chapter 3Edit

  • Amigos Cave (second time)
  • Plains (first time)
  • Amigos Cave (third time with a boss level)

Chapter 4Edit

  • Plains (second time)
  • Rockhopper-Land

Chapter 5Edit

  • Plains (third time with "dance competition")
  • Adélie-Land (first time)
  • Graduation Iceberg (first time)

Chapter 6Edit

  • The Deep (first time with Boss level)
  • Adélie-Land (second time)
  • Adelie Fishing Grounds

  • Adélie-Land (third time)

  • The Adelie Belly-Sledding Track

  • Emperor-Land (second time with "dance competition")

Chapter 7

  • Adélie-Land (fourth time)
  • Other Plains (with dance competition)
  • Elephant Seal Beach
  • The Windy Plains

Chapter 8Edit

  • The Forbidden Shore

  • The Ocean (with boss level)

Chapter 9/10Edit

  • Forbidden Land
  • Adélie Village (third time with boss level)
  • Plains (fourth time)

Chapter 11Edit

  • Emperor-Land (third time with boss level)

Chapter 12/EpilogueEdit

  • Plains (fifth time)
  • Graduation Iceberg (2nd time with final boss)


  • Red Crab (Chapter 1)
  • Alpha, Vinnie, Frankie, and Dino (Chapter 2)
  • The Cracked Water Ice (Chapter 3)
  • Skua Group (Chapter 4)
  • Groupie Penguins (Chapter 5)
  • The Leopard Seal (Chapter 6)
  • The Snowstorm (Chapter 7)
  • The Killer Whales (1st time and 2nd time with Kony the Sea Lion) (Chapter 8)
  • The Drift (Chapter 9/10)
  • Noah the Elder (Chapter 11)
  • Skua Group (2nd time and 3rd time with Alpha Skua only) (Chapter 12)
  • Alpha Skua (Epilogue/Final Boss)


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