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Chapter 9 is the ninth chapter of The Story of The Five Amigos by MarioFan65.

This chapter is called "Return to Adélie Village".


(After defeating the Killer Whales and Kony the Sea Lion, The Amigos with Lovelace swim to get back on the huge glaicer from the Forbidden Shore. Meanwhile at Adélie-Land, Angelo, Estefan, and Enrique were walking and talking at a snow pile.)

  • Angelo: Did anyone seen Ramón?
  • Estefan: No.
  • Enrique: Not at all.
  • Angelo: If not, we will go to Roy's side and tell him that he's missing.
  • Estefan: Wait a minute, he was exiled back at Adélie Village.
  • Enrique: Yeah, that was a few years ago. We got to do something, and the Adelie Chicas with the Groupies left this place a long time. Since yesterday, i promise for the big boys to come back and what are we gonna do?
  • Angelo: I don't know and we have to stop the Alpha Skua.
  • Amigos: *arrive with Raphael* Hello boys.
  • Raphael: Guys, i'm home.
  • Angelo: What?
  • Amigos: Bad news, Lovelace is gone. All of the people are waiting to answer him some questions. But they have been holding their lovestones for a long time.
  • Angelo: That feather penguin is paying for this from his stupid questions.
  • Raphael: And who is going to do the question things?
  • Angelo: Question Things? I don't know and we have to leave Adelie-Land for good.
  • Estefan: But we move there five days agos before The Amigos arrive for a reunion.
  • Angelo: Then, we're leaving to find Roy and his Elders.
  • Enrique: Good, we have to go.
  • Amigos: I trust you guys to do this.
  • Raphael: I agree.
  • Estefan: Oh boy.
  • Angelo: Let's go.

(Angelo, Estefan, Enrique, Raphael and Amigos leave Adelie-Land to find Roy and his Elders. The scene changes with The Amigos and Lovelace cilmbing up on the huge glacier of the Forbidden Shore.)

  • Rinaldo: How long is this tower?!
  • Raul: Does it look like a tower to you? No. It's a glacier.
  • Ramón: Calm down boys and we're almost here.
  • Lovelace: Stop screaming. You sound like a 100 year old man.
  • Rinaldo: If i was a human, then i would live long until i die.
  • Lovelace: Good. Now keep moving like spiders.
  • Ramón: *land on the glacier* I Made It.
  • Raul, Nestor and Lombardo: *land on the glacier* We Did It!
  • Ramón: Where's Rinaldo?
  • Rinaldo: *cilmb up and made it to the top* I'm here and this sucks.
  • Lovelace: *cilmb up and made it too* I'm back. How was the long glacier?
  • Raul: It was really long.
  • Lombardo: Big as a pack of ice.
  • Rinaldo: It was like a hour long. Half an hour we were climbing this big thing and almost made us tired.
  • Lovelace: Guys, let's go home.
  • Ramón: Let's go guys.
  • Lovelace: Wait. Do you want to go back to your homeland?
  • Ramón: Yes. I want to apologize to Roy and his elders. I'm sorry for what we caused a few years ago. I just wanted to go back home with my family.
  • Raul: Yeah, can we do it?
  • Lovelace: Yes, yes, yes. I will come with you afterwards. Let's all go together.
  • Lombardo: We got it.

(After many hours of searching, the next day begins with a snowstorm next to Adélie Village)

  • Nestor: Man, i'm cold.
  • Ramón: We're almost here.
  • Raul: Yeah and we're going home.
  • Lombardo: I miss my mom and dad too.
  • Rinaldo: And our parents.
  • Ramón: I can't take it that long. It's so breezy out there.
  • Lovelace: Well guys, before you go, apologize to Roy and everyone at Adélie Village. Make sure that you tell everyone that your friend Mumble is after the aliens.
  • Ramón: We will.
  • Rinaldo: It not gonna work. We are here early than a few years when we went to Rockhopper-Land.

(The snowstorm stop)

  • Lovelace: What happen?
  • Raul: The snowstorm stopped.
  • Lombardo: Something seem suspicious on that wall.
  • Rinaldo: What is this? This used to be the entrance to the village and now it's blocked in ice.

(It turn out to be a huge cliff with a frozen entrance to the path to Adélie Village which is trapped)

  • Ramón: I see a cave. It's blocked.
  • Raul: Uh oh. Bad luck.
  • Lovelace: Where are we?
  • Rinaldo: This is the land that suppose to be our home. No matter that huge iceberg trapped the entrance to a secret tunnel.
  • Lombardo: That's a cliff amigo.
  • Rinaldo: Oh, there is a cave that we can't even get in.
  • Nestor: *touch the ice* It's glass. We have to find out.
  • Raul: Really?
  • Rinaldo: Yeah and let me try. *tap his beak on the ice and cracks* Huh?

(The ice breaks and lead to the cave)

  • Nestor: We Did It!
  • Ramón: Finally.
  • Lovelace: It got to be it.
  • Ramón: Si. I can't wait to see my family again.
  • Rinaldo: I bet Roy will apologize to us.
  • Raul: Let's get moving.

the penguins are about to walk in the path cave and when the penguins went to the fog, it shows the deceased adelie village with scars on the floor. destoryed building, and a lot of snow piles. Ramón says, "Huh? where are we? is this the new forbidden shore?". Lovelace says, "What happen to everyone? there not there and look like guys, we going to Emperor-Land". Ramón says, "We can't just go back to Emperor-Land, i want to know what happen to my home?". When Ramón saw his broken igloo house, he says, "MY HOUSE! *runs to his house* IT'S ALIVE". Lovelace says, "Guys, look everywhere to find where this guys are?". Four Amigos says, "Okay".

Raul went to the hole to see the broken Adélie Underground with a hole, Lombardo look at the new parts of ice in adelie village, Rinaldo saw a snowpile mountain where Roy used to went to show everyone some news, and Nestor saw a lot of broken houses that are made by ice. Nestor says, "It can't be happening. what happen to everyone that lives here?". Lovelace says, "It's unknown, they made have left off or something like that". Ramón was looking at the broken parts in his igloo house, but, he finds a note that is made of ice and shaped as a sqaure and Ramón picks it up as he reads, "Dear Ramón, i have bad new for you, you have returned and we miss you alot but the skuas have been taking over this village since you were not there. I belive that you must be the bravest penguin on earth and now, this village have been destroyed by scars, cracks, and skuas, it been years to discover this and i know, you have to stop them from the leader. Love Ramón. From Limon", After Ramón is done reading it, he says, "This is all my fault! *look up in the sky* Noooooooooooooooooooo! Rimon! Limon! Come Back!". Rinaldo hear a sound and says, "Huh?".

The camera moves up while the crack goes in a circle and a earthquake occurs from them. A crack from the hole was coming from Adelie Underground and Raul says, "Hello? Are you There?". Rinaldo was shocked and says, "This is not good, this is not good". Raul walks by saying, "What is it?". Lombardo and Nestor arrives when Lombardo says, "Is there something wrong?". Rinaldo says, "LOOK! IT'S COMING!". The mountain cone piece was about to fell when the 4 amigos scream by running away and it lands in the ice by making the earthquake. Ramón says, "I have to go- *fell to the ice*". The crack was about break into several pieces by making into their spots. The first ice piece was only Lovelace, the next ice piece only the four amgios, and the last ice piece is from Ramón. Lovelace says, "Help!, Help!". Raul says, "On no!". Rinaldo says, "Were doomed!". When the water is coming from the cracks, it makes Ramón off on the ice, and lands on the amigos side while they say, "Ramón!". Ramón says, "Guys, it's you". Raul says, "The leader of the amigos". Lombardo says, "Yeah and you are the star". Ramón says, "I know and we have to watch out!". Rinaldo says, "We know-". When the ice moves to make the amigos pop out of the ice, they land on Lovelace side and Lovelave says, "What are you guys doing?". Ramón says, "Were just landing here". The continental was about to shake Adelie Village and everything was breaking apart when the air pops out the ice and lands on the non cracked ice. Lombardo says, "We did it and were safe!". Nestor says, "It's not". When Raul saw the rocks moving to smash the ice pieces, he says, "IT'S THE CONTINENTAL DRIFT!". The Amigos says, "Run for your life!". When Rinaldo went down and push the ice on their side, he runs fast to get away from the drift and Ramón says, "What are you doing Rinaldo?". Rinaldo says, "I'm pusing the ice and were getting out of here!". Raul says, "But you didn't do nothing at anything". Rinaldo says, "I DID AND I JUST GIVE LOVESTONES TO LOVELACE!". Lovelace says, "You don't need to shout and no one is gonna here you like that". Rinaldo says, "Then, we just move from our side!". Ramón says, "YOU SEE? YOUR GONING TO STOP EVERYTHING LIKE US AND YOU NEED TO STOP!". When Raul saw a crack next to the drirt, he says, "Rinaldo! hop on!". When Rinaldo hops on the ice, he says, "Made it". They say, "Yaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy. you did it Rinaldo!". Rinaldo says, "Thank you everyone for saving me". Raul says, "Your da bomb, bro". When the ice moves from Ramón, he says, "Let's get out of there". They say, "Yeah".

The drift was about to shake and everything was cracking and breaking apart so the heroes of Antarctica are going to move the ice fast and when they almost making it to the silde which the ice is upways, Ramón says, "THIS IS IT GUYS, HOLD ON THE ICE!". The Penguins says, "WE WILL!". Now, Adelie Village got destroyed and the amigos with Lovelace are up in the sky and they land on the ice which is now a cilff. Raul says, "We did it!". Rinaldo says, "Come on guys and let's do it again". Ramón says, "Our village is gone, we will be missed until we find a new home *walks to the cliff and look at the water*". Raul says, "Ramón?". Ramón says, "Everyone left except us, were going to find them until Tallboy comes back and see us". Raul says, "It's okay Ramón, every year, the world changes and this happens to our homeland and were seaching for a secret home to live with grasses on the ice and big huge mountains that everyone can see". Ramón says, "Really?". Raul says, "Yeah and i discover it on my 1st grade field trip". Ramón says, "Oh and i like field trips and it make you travel anywhere in Antarctica". Rinaldo shouts out by saying, "GUYS! LET'S GO AND WE DON'T HAVE TIME!". Raul says, "We have to go!". Ramón says, "Oh yes!". Lovelace says, "Well Raul and Ramón, i'm gonna find your family and you must tell Mumble's family that he's is on his search for the aliens". Ramón says, "That's right, it's on the move". Lombardo says, "Yaaayyyy and let's go!". While everyone is walking, Ramón says, "Lombardo, if we stay at Adelie-Land, my colony will move there too!". Lombardo says, "That's right and this will happen". Ramón says, "Yeah".


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