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Chapter 2 is the second chapter of The Story of The Five Amigos 2 by MarioFan65.

This Chapter is called "Adventure in Cape Adare".


(The Amigos went i to their old home at Amigos Cave)

  • Ramón: Home Sweet Home.
  • Lombardo: Hey, is that the place we went for 10 days?
  • Ramón: Yes it is. We tell our backstory to Mumble and his son once. It was too long for them.
  • Nestor: And it's my life.
  • Rinaldo: I know it's always your life.
  • Ramón: Your Life? Who life was it?
  • Raul: You.
  • Ramón: Me?
  • Lombardo: Yes.
  • Ramón: My cave home! It's back and i miss you alot since i created you!
  • Lombardo: Let's go in. Shall we?
  • Ramón: Yes.

(Inside Amigos Cave)

  • Ramón: Hey, where's the ice bed that we used to have?
  • Raul: Lovelace move it to the land before to make everyone comfortable. The penguins didn't returned on time.
  • Rinaldo: It's not here.
  • Ramón: I know but our pool is alive.
  • Raul: Just like when we were kids.
  • Ramón: Yes. The memories. The life. The day that we first discovered it.
  • Lombardo: We also have the ice stuff there. At least it didn't melt.
  • Nestor: Now let's go to Cape Adare.
  • Lombardo: Ramón, can Mumble join with us? If yes, he will help the things he got.
  • Ramón: No. That would dangerous for him to sing. Nobody want to hear his voice.
  • Nestor: I know it's bad when you lose your singing voice.
  • Rinaldo: It only happen on the other side.
  • Ramón: Alright, now let's go to Cape Adare.

(After the Amigos left their cave home, they went to a snow desert)

  • Ramón: Didn't the ice used to break our old home?
  • Raul: Yes. All of the places in Adélie Village that were abandon got destroyed.
  • Rinaldo: They let it abandon by accident. What have they done?
  • Ramón: It's not just the skuas fault, it's the earthquake fault.
  • Nestor: It only happen sometimes. When a new life changes, Antarctica changes everything. From Ice to Water.
  • Lombardo: Water to Ice. Who thinks ice cream belong in the snow?
  • Ramón: Or a snow cone in the iceberg.
  • Raul: A slurpee?
  • Rinaldo: A slushy?
  • Lombardo: A taco?
  • Ramón: Lombardo, that's mexican food. Not a dessert.
  • Lombardo: A desert like we're on?
  • Ramón: No! Desert is a place and Dessert is a Food!
  • Rinaldo: Ramón, don't be on the levels of me when i complain too much.
  • Raul: Guys, watch out for that cliff!
  • Ramón: Oh no!

(They are here at Cape Adare)

  • Raul: Woah, that's a lot of penguins with their chicks.
  • Ramón: We're here. I remember this place from a long time when my grandfather was captured.
  • Rinaldo: Don't worry Ramón, i will fix the problem.
  • Ramón: The problem will never be fixed and we're going to get help.
  • Nestor: Let's go.
  • Lombardo: Go left.

(The Amigos turn off to the path of Cape Adare. A instrumental version of the song "Nosa Nosa" begin to play. In the chick section, The Amigos were walking when they saw the chicks being feeded by their parents.)

  • Lombardo: What is this place?
  • Raul: A place with parents feeding the baby penguins.
  • Nestor: They look so small and they are like us when we were kids.
  • Ramón: This is a place from East Antarctica.
  • Nestor: Wow, there is a rock pile for elders.
  • Lombardo: This place is kinda big to me.
  • Ramón: I know it big. It's like a big island that stick with a continent.
  • Rinaldo: Yeah? What's the point of this place?
  • Ramón: There's nothing wrong with it.

(With the elders)

  • Elder 1: Hey Xever, there's five strangers on your colony.
  • Elder 2: They have hair except for this guy.
  • Xever: Ah. Mysterious Penguins. I should meet up with them.
  • Elder 1: Go ahead Xever. Your choice.
  • Xever: I do it. *introduce the Amigos* Welcome to Cape Adare. My name is Xever and i'm the 36th leader of this place.
  • Ramón: Wow, the 36th leader.
  • Xever: For many many years, leaders have taken over the place and when the leopard seals come to fight against us, they died.
  • Raul: All of them?
  • Xever: No. The elders. One of the past leaders have changed the land when the aliens come. We lost a penguin before when a adelie penguin chick catch a fish from a penguin capturer. A huge mistake.
  • Rinaldo: It's okay. It's nice to meet you Xever but, do you know Roy?
  • Xever: Roy the Elder? Yes and he moved to Adélie-Land 10 days ago after the war ended with the skuas.
  • Ramón: Cool. It was a blast and what are your elders doing in here?
  • Xever: Meet them, there's only 5 but 1 is the leader and it's me!
  • Nestor: Yes.
  • Rinaldo: Are you going to exile us?
  • Xever: No but you can have fun here but when the aliens come, they will see you. Beware of the penguin capturers in their ships.
  • Ramón: But my father said that my grandfather was captured for a very long time.
  • Xever: It's dangerous, no one will go all the way to the water and it's means they have a net to capture the penguins. The leopard seal will eat them too so the sea is a dangerous place for penguins to catch some fish.
  • Raul: Oh no, i'm dead meat.
  • Ramón: Amigos, if the sea is dangerous, how come tallboy get hitted by a thing?
  • Rinaldo: I don't know.
  • Xever: Tallboy is a huge penguin? *laughs*
  • Elder 1: Come on Xever and what is going on?
  • Xever: Nothing my boys, there is a tallboy in this place.
  • Ramón: It's my friend!
  • Xever: Your friend?
  • Ramón: Yes, he is my best friend since he was chased by a leopard seal.
  • Xever: Oh and i know why. He saved the fishes from the aliens. That's why.
  • Elder 2: You gotta believe this.
  • Xever: Now, tell me your names.
  • Ramón: I'm Ramón.
  • Raul: I'm Raul.
  • Nestor: I'm Nestor, the big one.
  • Lombardo: I'm Lombardo.
  • Rinaldo: And i'm Rinaldo.
  • Xever: Fantastic! You are the Amigos!
  • Elder 3: The Amigos?
  • Elder 4: What's that?
  • Ramón: That's our group name, we're brave.
  • Xever: So? We have many brave penguins in here like Estevan or even his father.
  • Ramón: Estevan?
  • Xever: Yes, his name is Estevan.
  • Ramón: Cool. I met him at Adélie Village Elementary School a long time.
  • Raul: What grade? Kindergarten? First? Second? Third? Fourth? Fifth? Anything else?
  • Ramón: Kindergarten! How do you guys not know the grades of school.
  • Rinaldo: But, it's just everything Ramón. Why would you trick and blame on us like everyday?
  • Ramón: Cause it's nothing.
  • Xever: Nothing? Why don't you go to Adélie Valley to see him.
  • Ramón: He's here?
  • Xever: Yes, he is at another place and you have to see him right now.
  • Nestor: You know everything about Estevan.
  • Xever: Yes. As an adult, he left off on a quest. Three months later, i don't know what happen to him.
  • Ramón: Maybe he's sick.
  • Xever: No he's not. He's not missing. He's looking for someone. A brave penguin hero like you.
  • Ramón: We should be off to Adélie Valley to see Estevan.
  • Lombardo: But what about Elian?
  • Ramón: We'll see if we find out.
  • Lombardo: Okay and let's go.
  • Elder 5: Boys, whatever you're walking, watch out for the leopard seals.
  • Xever: I know what you're thinking. So? What you think about these guys?
  • Elder 1: They're funny.
  • Xever: I know and they alway says, "We Got It!"
  • Ramón: Hey! That's our catchphrase.
  • Xever: Well, Rimon, the son of Tamón told me that you use that word all the time.
  • Ramón: Rimon? My father?
  • Xever: Yes. I remember everything now in Antarctica. Hey guys, i'm old and i can't remember!
  • Everyone: *laughs*
  • Chick #1: What in the world are these guys doing?
  • Chick #2: I don't know.
  • Chick #3: Hey, she always sleep.
  • Chick #4: I know.
  • Ramón: Oh well. Off to Adélie Valley.
  • Xever: Ciao. Take care.
  • Raul: Please and thank you.
  • Elder 1: Good.
  • Elder 2: I like it.


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