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Chapter 4 is the fourth chapter of The Story of The Five Amigos 2 by MarioFan65.

This chapter is called "A Visit from Emperor-Land".


(After the Amigos leaves Tamón's Ice Cave and also Adélie Valley, they went back to Amigos Cave to see what's happening)

  • Lombardo: We're here again?
  • Ramón: Yes and i want to check out everything that is not broken went inside the cave*
  • Rinaldo: How long is Ramón gonna take?
  • Raul: I don't know and i want to see Tallboy right now.
  • Ramón: *inside of the home to check on something* All clear. Nothing here is robbed. *go outside* Boys, nothing is broken and let's go and see Tallboy for now on.
  • Raul: Ok.
  • Rinaldo: Now we can go.
  • Lombardo: Alright.
  • Nestor: Let's move.

(At Emperor-Land)

  • Ramón: *shout out* Hey Tallboy!
  • Mumble, Gloria and Erik: Hey!
  • Ramón: It's good to see you.
  • Raul: I miss you alot since our backstory.
  • Rinaldo: Mumble, the fish is yours.
  • Mumble: Thanks Rinaldo. *eat the fish*
  • Raul: Nice.
  • Erik: Ramón, do you have a mate?
  • Ramón: Sorry smallboy, i wish i could get some from the Adelie Chicas.
  • Gloria: So, how is the family Ramón?
  • Ramón: Fine. My mom and dad is here. Including my grandmother. One is missing and it's my grandfather.
  • Mumble: Oh no.
  • Gloria: Sad to here.
  • Ramón: Yeah. He was captured for a very long time before i was born.
  • Gloria: Don't worry. Maybe, you can go to the Chick's playground if you want.
  • Ramón: Chick's playground?
  • Gloria: Yes. The playground is now open at Emperor-Land.
  • Mumble: There is a little bit of water in the ice and also a crack so you might wanna come.
  • Ramón: Okay and boys, take Erik with Mumble.
  • Raul: Now?
  • Ramón: Yes.
  • Rinaldo: Mumble and Erik, we are going to the playground.
  • Mumble: Okay and Erik, let's go.
  • Erik: Here i go.
  • Lombardo: Erik, stay as a group.
  • Erik: Ok Lombardo.
  • Nestor: Looks clean than a frozen lake.
  • Lombardo: At least, it has less water.
  • Ramón: Feel like warm.
  • Mumble: Alright guys, have all the fun you want.

(In the playground, Raul, Lombardo and Rinaldo are tapping on the water, in the crack, Erik is taking a shower, and Ramón with Nestor are making a snowguin.)

  • Ramón: It's good to make a snowguin since my childhood.
  • Nestor: Yes. Cleaner than ever.
  • Ramón: We behaved so well than ever. No one would ever bother us.
  • Nestor: Yes. They would never will.
  • Ramón: Oh, the carrot.
  • Nestor: Ramón, vegetables don't grow on snow.
  • Ramón: Aw man. Fruits?
  • Nestor: Not fruit too.
  • Ramón: Wish we could.
  • Mumble: Well guys, i'm guarding the place.
  • Seymour: Hey Mumble.
  • Mumble: Hi Seymour.
  • Seymour It's good to see you. But, who are those guys?
  • Mumble: These are The Amigos. My best friends. Their names are Ramón, Raul, Rinaldo, Nestor and Lombardo.
  • Seymour: Cool. I remember seeing them by the time you returned to Emperor-Land. Who's your son over there?
  • Mumble: That's Erik.
  • Seymour: Oh, can he dance?
  • Mumble: No. It's just like my father dropped me as an egg and ended up to not let me sing.
  • Seymour: Sad to hear. My father was in the end of the line too during the snowstorm thing when my mother is not there.
  • Mumble: Your mother is around?
  • Seymour: Yes.
  • Mumble: Well, you bother me too much and let me be by myself.
  • Seymour: Ok. Sorry to rush you, i was going on a meeting with Miss Viola.
  • Mumble: Sure and thanks for coming.
  • Seymour: You bet.
  • Ramón: Amigos, come here.
  • Raul: What is it?
  • Rinaldo: Do you have anything?
  • Ramón: No and i would think of something that should save Tamón.
  • Lombardo: Papercilps!
  • Ramón: Let me see. *take out paperclips on his hair* Ah, these things are from forbidden shore.
  • Rinaldo: You hold them all the time?
  • Ramón: No. I found it today at the party during the sculpture shop. I found this little tiny thing and it's the paperclips.
  • Nestor: What are you gonna do with it?
  • Ramón: Nothing. We used them at Adelie-Land.
  • Lombardo: And we can play whatever we want to.
  • Rinaldo: What about like taking a shower?
  • Raul: That's not fun at all.
  • Nestor: Is there something a bit rushed?
  • Ramón: No. These little things are mine.
  • Erik: Hey guys, what are those things your using.
  • Lombardo: It's the papercilps from the Forbiddien Shore and we got them during a quest to find Lovelace.
  • Erik: Oh. Are these from the aliens?
  • Ramón: Yes.
  • Raul: You know it.
  • Mumble: Guys, what are those?
  • Ramón: Paperclips.
  • Mumble: Wow, let's go to Adelie-Land to see Lovelace about the things you have.
  • Ramón: What?
  • Raul: We're in trouble?
  • Mumble: No, i want them to know where you discover it?
  • Ramón: I tell you.
  • Rinaldo: No, don't tell.
  • Nestor: Rinaldo, what point you don't understand.
  • Rinaldo: Leave it alone Nestor.
  • Mumble: Guys stop. We already have enough of this argument.
  • Ramón: Okay.
  • Rinaldo: You didn't started it.
  • Mumble: Erik, i have to go. Stay with Gloria.
  • Erik: Okay.
  • Mumble: Let's go everyone.
  • Gloria: Boys, where are you going?
  • Mumble: I'm going to Adelie-Land to see Lovelace about what these things are. But i want you to take care of Erik for me when i'm out.
  • Gloria: Okay and come on Erik.
  • Erik: Mommy, mommy *hugs his mom*
  • Lombardo: Now we can move on.
  • Ramón: Alright, let's go.


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