The Tickle Torment at Snow Hill Island
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"Manny the African Penguin gets a Tickle Torment"


"Ramón's Burrito Dream"

"The Tickle Torment at Snow Hill Island" is the fourth episode of Happy Peep written by MarioFan65 and directed by Penguin-Lover. This episode mark the first appearance of Phoenix, the brother of Mumble.

It was released on March 12, 2014.



(In Penguin Elementary of Penguin-Land)

  • Miss Viola: Good morning class.
  • Classmates: Good morning Miss Viola.
  • Miss Viola: Today we will be going on a field trip to Snow Hill Island to learn about the mountains and the wildlife of the Emperor Penguins like us.
  • Erik: What is going to be about?
  • Miss Viola: Like I said before.
  • Atticus: Do we have to take the bus?
  • Bo: What if a skua comes to eat us like the last time when they came here.
  • Miss Viola: No buses or skuas coming to get us. We will go on our own.
  • Ashley: What will we do over here?
  • Miss Viola: Is meet the emperor penguin colony.
  • Ashley: Oh.
  • Miss Viola: My class, line up! we're setting off to Snow Hill Island!
  • Erik: Alright!
  • Atticus: It's showtime!

(In Snow Hill Island)

  • Atticus: Woo hoo! We found the place!
  • Erik: Hey Atticus, look!
  • Atticus: What? *camera moves to Ludy Gaga performing her song at the snow hill with everyone*
  • Ludy Gaga: *singing*

"Give me that thing that I love (I'll turn the lights out)

Put your fins up, make 'em touch, touch (make it real loud)

Give me that thing that I love (I'll turn the lights out)

Put your fins up, make 'em touch, touch (make it real loud)

(A-P-P-L-A-U-S-E) Make it real loud

(A-P-P-L-A-U-S-E) Put your fins up, make 'em touch, touch

(A-P-P-L-A-U-S-E) Make it real loud

(A-P-P-L-A-U-S-E) Put your fins up, make 'em touch, touch"

  • Atticus: Is that Ludy Gaga?
  • Erik: Yeah and I remember her when we were looking for Santa's presents from the skuas.
  • Miss Viola: Boys! Let's Go! We don't have much time!
  • Erik: Sorry.
  • Atticus: It's okay.

(In the Emperor Penguin colony of Snow Hill Island)

  • Miss Viola: This is it guys, welcome to Snow Hill Island!
  • Lauren: Whoa, it's huge!
  • Bo: The mountains look beautiful than from Adelie-Land.
  • Phoenix: Hello students of Penguin-Land, my name is Phoenix and welcome to Snow Hill Island!
  • Erik: That guy looks like my father, Mumble.
  • Atticus: His bow-tie is yellow just like Mumble's is.
  • Phoenix: As you can see, this is where Emperor Penguins live and like every other penguin colony. They live without making a nest, but Adelie Penguins and Gentoo Penguins can make nests. Before we start the tour, the females will be with Miss Viola, and the males will be with me so everyone have to spead around if the gender part is okay.
  • Miss Viola: Boys, be with Phoenix; and girls, you stay with me.
  • Phoenix: It seems you kids already know a bit about me. Yes, I do look a lot like Mumble. That's because I'm his brother, so me and Mumble look a lot alike.
  • Erik: Really?
  • Phoenix: Yes, when I was born, my older brother couldn't sing, because my father dropped him by mistake and my mom knows that he is okay, so he tries many lessons about how to sing better before he can get Gloria as a mate and I'm your uncle Erik.
  • Erik: Oh, and I remember when you snuck up at the graduation day party and find out that you're trying to get your brother's attention to not sing at the party.
  • Phoenix: Erik, you had a similar problem with your dancing. You were made fun of by the other penguins, all because you can't, or couldn't dance. Atticus defended you, just as Gloria defended Mumble when he tried to sing, so I know how both you and Mumble feel about the disabilities that you two have.
  • Erik: But why?
  • Phoenix: Because, they can't do anything.
  • Classmate: Hurry Phoenix! We're wasting time!
  • Phoenix: Let's go Erik.
  • Erik: Okey Dokie.

(In the Emperor Penguin section of this land)

  • Phoenix: This is where emperor penguins feed their chicks and go to sleep on the snow, because they can't reach to get rocks. Baby penguins can also be at a daycare where an emperor has to take care of them while their parents are out fishing.
  • Atticus: Cool, and my mother heard of it before.
  • Phoenix: Interesting Atticus.
  • Erik: So, what can we do?
  • Phoenix: Just stay in the group until the tour is over.
  • Erik: Ummmmmm okay.

(After the Tour)

  • Phoenix: So everyone in Miss Viola's class has behaved good on the tour, and we have a playground where you can play whatever you want with other chicks.
  • Lauren: Seems nice.
  • Phoenix: And you can do ANYTHING you want!
  • Male Emperor Penguin: Phoenix! The tickle inventor is here!
  • Phoenix: What?

(When Esequiel with his Tickle Torment Car 3000 arrives with his Super Tickle Torment 9000, the song "Witch Doctor" was about to play, and when he arrives by stopping at the penguins, the music stopped. Esequiel begins to get off the car and bring his Tickle Torment with him)

  • Esequiel: Hello everyone, it's Esequiel the Tickle Inventor!
  • Classmates (except Erik, Bo, Atticus, Ashley, and Lauren): We all love you Esequiel!
  • Erik: Esequiel is a adelie penguin?
  • Esequiel: As you can see, this is my next tour to perform the tickle torment with you.
  • Phoenix: (to the five kids who stayed quiet) Hey, why did you five not cheer for Esequiel with everyone else? Is there something that bothers you about him?
  • Erik: He tickles everyone?
  • Phoenix: No, but he is known to use his tickle machine to tickle everyone. That's why he is called "The Tickle Inventor."
  • Erik: Oh.
  • Esequiel: And this tickle torment will tickle you all!
  • Classmates: Yaaaaayyyyyyy!
  • Phoenix: See?
  • Erik: Yeah.
  • Esequiel: Kids, were going to Snow Hill Cavern and use our tickle torment to tickle you all.
  • Classmates: Yaaaaayyyyyyyy!
  • Phoenix: Well, let's go tickle guy.

(At Snow Hill Cavern)

  • Miss Viola: In Snow Hill Cavern, this is where you can see stuff like ice sculptures, ice pictures and many more.
  • Phoenix: It's like a museum but in a cave.
  • Esequiel: And in one room, you can start your tickle torment there.
  • Phoenix: I will take the boys to the room that has the tickle machine waiting. It's time we had some ticklish fun.
  • Miss Viola: And I will also take the girls too.

(In the Tickle Torment room)

  • Erik: What is this place?
  • Esequiel: I created this room for Emperor Penguins to come and get tickled by someone.
  • Bo: I love it!
  • Phoenix: And who want to try first?
  • Erik: Me!
  • Phoenix: Erik, go ahead.

(Tickle Torment machine begins to prepare and boost)

  • Erik: Wow, I never tried this thing before.
  • Esequiel: As you wish *press button to make the 6 robotic hands come up and tickle Erik*
  • Phoenix: As a chick getting tickled, they tend to laugh a lot more than adults do.
  • Phoenix: You know, I think the tickle inventor should have a go.
  • Esequiel: Erik, your done. *presses the stop button so that the robotic hands stop tickling Erik*. Atticus, your up!
  • Atticus: Finally!
  • Esequiel: *presses the button again to make the 6 robotic hands come up and tickle Atticus*.
  • Bo: His ticklish thing is way better than chewing on his fippers.
  • Phoenix: I can see that.
  • Esequiel: I know.
  • Phoenix: I sure could use a good belly tickle.
  • Esequiel: Next! *presses the stop button so that the robotic hands stop tickling Atticus*.
  • Bo: I'm ready, I'm going to get tickled.
  • Esequiel: Sure, go ahead.
  • Bo: Thanks.
  • Esequiel: *Presses the button to make the 6 robotic hands tickle Bo*.
  • Esequiel: As you can see, a female emperor penguin loves to get tickled more than males do.
  • Phoenix: And how have you confirmed this?
  • Esequiel: Well, I have created something special over many years when I was at Paulet Island.
  • Phoenix: Okay.
  • Esequiel: Next! *presses the stop button to make the 6 robotic hands stop tickling Bo*.
  • Ashley: Can i be next?
  • Esequiel: Sure young lady.
  • Ashley: Finally!
  • Esequiel: *Presses the button to make the 6 robotic hands tickle Ashley*.
  • Phoenix: Like Bo, she loves it a lot.
  • Esequiel: I know.
  • Phoenix: I can see that.
  • Esequiel: Can you please say something different?
  • Esequiel: Lauren, your next! *presses the stop button to make the 6 robotic hands stop tickling Ashley*.
  • Phoenix: You know, sometimes I don't know what to say.
  • Esequiel: I know. *presses the button to make the 6 robotic hands tickle Lauren*.
  • Phoenix: I don't like when it happens, but sometimes it just does.
  • Esequiel: Just like any of the elders from Penguin-Land said.
  • Esequiel: This is it, Phoenix, your next.
  • Phoenix: Oh yeah, it's tickle time! *stops the hands for Lauren*.
  • Esequiel: Go ahead.
  • Phoenix: Okay.
  • Esequiel: Take this! *presses the buttons for the robotic hands to come up*
  • Phoenix: Yeah, I'm so ready for a good tickle.

(Phoenix lays down on the metal table and waits to be trapped in an x and then relentlessly tickled all over by the hands. Then, the black lights and the rainbow lights begins to show up by tranforming to a robotic ice room.)

  • Esequiel: As you can see, that's Mumble's brother getting tickled by tickle machine.
  • Erik: Come on Uncle! You can do it!
  • Esequiel: Okay *increases intensity to 2x speed*.
  • Erik: Woah!
  • Atticus: Can you belive that?
  • Bo: It's Uncle Phoenix getting tickled.
  • Esequiel: I wonder if Mumble could get tickled.
  • Esequiel: OKAY *increases intensity to 5x speed*.
  • Male Emperor Penguin Chick: Maybe we should bring Mumble here to experience the tickle torment from the super tickle machine.
  • Esequiel: Sure. I'm using my Teleporter 9000 to teleport to Penguin-Land and get Mumble to come. I will be right back *teleports*.

(Meanwhile at Penguin-Land)

  • Mumble: *sighs* I miss Emperor-Land a lot and I wish it could come back to life.
  • Esequiel: *arrives from teleporting* Mumble!
  • Mumble: Who are you and how did you know my name?
  • Esequiel: I'm Esequiel the Tickle Inventor and I have created many tickle inventions for many years, and I may know your brother.
  • Mumble: Phoenix?
  • Esequiel: Yes, he is living at Snow Hill Island which is located far from your new homeland, and I'm teleporting you there.
  • Mumble: Ummmm okay.
  • Esequiel: It's your son Erik, and he is at Snow Hill Cavern for a field trip with Miss Viola's Class.
  • Mumble: I heard of it yesterday, and I'm going there right now.
  • Esequiel: Sure, and hold on my fin. *teleports*.

(Back at Snow Hill Cavern)


(Mumble and Esequiel arrives)

  • Mumble: Woah, is that Phoenix?
  • Esequiel: Yes, he is your brother and the uncle of your son Erik.
  • Erik: Dad!
  • Mumble: Hey son.
  • Erik: Your here!
  • Atticus: Uncle Mumble, your brother is getting tickled by the Super Tickle Torment 9000.
  • Mumble: Oh.
  • Mumble: Phoenix?
  • Phoenix: Yes.
  • Mumble: It's your brother Mumble.
  • Phoenix: Oh, hi there.
  • Mumble: Why are you getting tickled?
  • Phoenix: Because, it's fun.
  • Mumble: And your laughing about it?
  • Mumble: That's great.
  • Mumble: Sure, and Esequiel turn off the robotic hands for Phoenix.
  • Esequiel: No problem. *presses the stop button to make the robotic hands stop tickling Phoenix and everything goes back to normal*.
  • Phoenix: Oh man that's always fun! Ok brother, it's your turn to get tickled.
  • Mumble: Man, this metal table is like a bed.
  • Esequiel: Let's begin. *tickle weapons tickle Mumble*.
  • Phoenix: I knew you would like this, brother.
  • Phoenix: Already enjoying the torment, I see.
  • Esequiel: It's finally over. *presses the stop button to make the robotic hands stop tickling Mumble*.
  • Mumble: This is awesome.
  • Esequiel: Now I'm gonna try the tickle torment; and Phoenix, help me out.
  • Phoenix: Hehe now the inventor is gonna get it. I would be happy to help you to this *presses buttons to make Esequiel get tickled*.
  • Phoenix: Your welcome. *Adds more hands to tickle the belly*
  • Phoenix: Hehe tickle tickle for the cute belly.
  • Phoenix: *Adds the electric toothbrush to tickle the bellybutton*
  • Phoenix: Well, you are ticklish, so it's supposed to tickle. *the hidden tickle laser in the electric toothbrush activates and shoots an unbelievably tickly laser beam in his bellybutton*
  • Phoenix: Hehe so how are you liking the belly tickles?
  • Phoenix: Just a little more, then. *another electric toothbrush comes in and tickles the bellybutton*

(Phoenix has everything stop)

  • Esequiel: Finally, that tickle thing is gone.
  • Phoenix: At least you did a good job.
  • Mumble: Phoenix, if you want to visit me, go to Penguin-Land which is a new emperor nation.
  • Phoenix: It would be nice to see mom and dad again.. I suppose I could go visit. Let's take everyone to Emperor-Land.
  • Mumble: Wait a minute, if you go back to Emperor-Land, you will see no one since the Doomberg blocked and destoryed everything so all of the penguins are now living in Penguin-Land which is like Emperor-Land and the new emperor nation.
  • Phoenix: I want to go visit the new penguin land.
  • Mumble: Okay and it's Penguin-Land.
  • Phoenix: Okay.
  • Miss Viola: Well guys, you could try the Super Tickle Torment 9000 if you want.
  • Classmates: Yaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy!!!
  • Esequiel: Let's party!!!
  • Phoenix: We will take an additional trip to Penguin-Land, and we can have some fun there, too.
  • Mumble: Phoenix, the trip was about to be over, so everyone is returning to Penguin-Land.
  • Phoenix: Oh.
  • Mumble: Class, in 5 minutes, you will be returning to Penguin-Land. Got it?
  • Classmates: Yes.
  • Miss Viola: So Mumble, you have arrived.
  • Mumble: It's good to see you Viola.
  • Miss Viola: So, is this your brother?
  • Mumble: Sure and his name is Phoenix.
  • Phoenix: Hi Miss Viola.
  • Miss Viola: Phoenix, it's good to see you.
  • Phoenix: I miss you a lot.
  • Esequiel: So, you must be the teacher of this school.
  • Miss Viola: I know.

(Mumble, Viola, Esequiel, and Phoenix laughed. After the trip to Snow Hill Island, they returned to Penguin-Land)

  • Phoenix: Emperor-Land?
  • Mumble: This is Penguin-Land, Not Emperor-Land.
  • Phoenix: Oh.
  • Erik: It's great to be back.
  • Ashley: So Erik, what are we gonna do?
  • Erik: Maybe we can go and play on the playground.
  • Ashley: That's a good idea Erik.
  • Phoenix: I, too, have a lover and a son.
  • Erik: But she is my friend, Bo will be my future mate and do you have a mate?
  • Phoenix: That's what I'm saying. I have a mate and a son.
  • Erik: Tell me the names of your mate and your son.
  • Phoenix: Catherine is my mate and Shippo is my son.
  • Erik: Shippo is my cousin, just like Lombardo, when he has a cousin named Angelo.
  • Phoenix: Yes, Shippo is my son.
  • Mumble: So Phoenix, are you going back to Snow Hill Island?
  • Phoenix: Sure. I miss everyone, even my friends.
  • Mumble: So, are you ready to go?
  • Phoenix: I want to go.
  • Mumble: Okay.
  • Phoenix: Goodbye Mumble and Erik, and if you need something, visit me at Snow Hill Island.
  • Mumble: I let you know.
  • Phoenix: Okay and goodbye everyone of Penguin-Land *leaves*.
  • Mumble: Goodbye Brother.
  • Phoenix: Well, I'm ready to go back to Snow Hill Island.

(Class begins to dismiss)

  • Erik: Awwww man, I miss part of school.
  • Mumble: It's okay Erik, were going home.
  • Erik: Okie Dokie.



  • This is the first episode of Happy Peep to feature one of Penguin-Lover's characters in the series. Characters like Phoenix and Perxio appear in later episodes and will appear more in future episodes.
  • This is Mumble's first appearance in the show, despite being mentioned in "Roy the Elder gets a Tickle Torment".
  • In the Snow Hill Island scene where Ludy Gaga is performing her song is "Applause" by Lady Gaga.
  • This is the second episode to be long than the first episode "The Five Amigos get a Tickle Torment".
  • Esequiel is the only adelie penguin character to appear but Lombardo and Angelo are mentioned that are adelie penguins.
    • One of the amigos except Lombardo are not seen or mentioned at all in the story.
  • Santa Claus from Happy Feet: The Christmas Special is mentioned and later makes an appearance in "Winter Wonderland" and "Santa Comes Back".
  • Similar to a scene in Happy Feet: The Christmas Special, Erik meets his uncle. But doesn't remember or he forgot about it.