Tickle Torment Future
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"Ramón's Burrito Dream"


"Xever's Bad Day"

"Tickle Torment Future" is the sixth and special episode of Happy Peep written by MarioFan65 and directed by Penguin-Lover. This episode will take place all over from the future featuring counterparts, tickle torments, and many dimensions. This episode received two sequels titled "Tickle Torment Future 2: Stuck in Prehistory" and "Tickle Torment Future 3: Time of Change".


  • Light the Future Penguin
  • Baby Mumble
  • Adult Mumble
  • Baby Phoenix (mentioned)
  • Kid Ramón
  • Kid Rinaldo
  • Kid Raul
  • Kid Nestor
  • Kid Lombardo
  • Kid Angelo
  • Kid Estefan
  • Kid Enrique
  • Kid Raphael
  • Kid Amigos
  • Kid Elian
  • Kid Estevan
  • Kid Esequiel (future counterpart)
  • Young Adult Esequiel (future counterpart)



  • These future timelines in this episode are from Happy Feet, Happy Feet Two, The Story of The Five Amigos, and from the other timelines of Esequiel.
  • This episode features a lot of clones and counterparts in this special.
  • The Researchers Aurora ship appears in this episode but the crew that saved Sven and Lovelace does not appear.
    • The ship also return in "The Fish Job 2", guarded by Beny and his fisherman in charge.
  • Baby Phoenix is mentioned but not seen at all. Its unknown if he will appear in a episode in the future.
  • When Darkeo, Darkory, and Perxio are in the cave of Penguin Hell, talking and complaining about something is much simliar to the beginning of the Dragon Ball Z episode "Feeding Frenzy".
    • Perxio and Super Buu both get angry about something they want.
    • There is no way getting out of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and Penguin Hell.
    • And Darkory and Darkeo were talking about the room Perxio was sent to while Gotenks and Piccolo argue about the way out of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.
  • Darksmoke has returned for the second time just before the Happy Feet: The Series episode "Darksmoke Returns Part 1".
    • And after he was defeated, the dark clouds revealed him but not the episode of Happy Peep.
  • The quote Atticus say "Or Turbo-Tastic" is a reference to a quote from Wreck-It Ralph with Turbo's famous catchphrase "Turbo-Tastic!".
  • Three Mumbles appear in this episode and also in MegalexMaster's story Happy Feet: The Final Stretch.