Tickle Torment Future Title

This article is about the first chapter of the Happy Peep episode "Tickle Torment Future".


(Our story begins with Lilly and her workers going to a trip to Antarctica. When the Researchers Aurora boat begins to dock on the sea, they are here at Argentine Antarctica.)

  • Lilly: Let's go boys, we have some work to do.
  • Researchers Aurora Captain: Well Lilly, you're our new staff to the boat.
  • Lilly: Yeah and it is a quite fun.
  • Researchers Aurora Captain: Now, you must take them to Alexander Island.
  • Lilly: Okay.
  • Researchers Aurora Captain: Have fun if you see any of the penguins in Antarctica.
  • Lilly: I know.

(In Alexander Island of Antarctica, people were exploring the mountain called "Giza Peak", Lilly begins to tour it.)

  • Lilly: This is Giza Peak. It is rising to about 600 metres (2,000 ft) on the east side of the Fossil Bluff massif, eastern Alexander Island, Antarctica. For many years this peak was known to the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) workers as "Sphinx," a name already in use. To avoid duplication, the UK Antarctic Place-Names Committee in 1987 applied the name Giza Peak to this feature in reference to the site of the colossal statue of the Sphinx at El Giza, Egypt.
  • People: *applauses*

(In Penguin Hell, Lord Darktisk, was watching Lilly and his crew in Alexander Island with his globe glass ball.)

  • Lord Darktisk: GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT REVENGE ON NOAH!
  • Darksmoke: Well well well, i am planning to get revenge on Mumble about what he did to me since the battle of Antarctica. I was a Emperor Penguin, and a Bug-guin Monster, but I AM A DARK CLOUD!
  • Lord Darktisk: So Light is gonna be dead anyways.
  • Darksmoke: My new plan will be taking over the future and forget stealing Antarctica and stealing the fish to take it to the humans!
  • Lord Darktisk: So what will you do now?
  • Darksmoke: I was once raised by humans since i was born in the eggball.
  • Lord Darktisk: Let me remove your halo and leave this dimension right now to take over Antarctica *removes Darksmoke's halo with his wand stick*.
  • Darksmoke: Thank you. *flys into the hole to leave Penguin Hell* AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Lord Darktisk: Noah, your going down.

(In Penguin-Land)

  • Erik: Tag, your it!
  • Atticus: No, i tag you first!
  • Bo: Erik, go after him!
  • Erik: I will.
  • Atticus: *runs* Man, i have to lose some weight.
  • Shippo: Come on Erik and you can do it!
  • Phoenix: I like seeing the kids having fun. Right Mumble?
  • Mumble: Yeah.
  • Terry: Hey Mumble, is there a person looking like you?
  • Mumble: No, it's my brother Phoenix.
  • Phoenix: Hi
  • Terry: Um....Hello and where did you came from?
  • Phoenix: Hi Terry, I came from Snow Hill Island to visit my brother Mumble.
  • Terry: So, have you ever become brave before like me?
  • Phoenix: I'm willing to die to save the lives of our people.
  • Terry: I saved my home Emperor Village from a long time when i stopped my ememy King Polar who is one of the members of the Polar Bear Squad.
  • Phoenix: I know and it is like the skuas that are taking over a lot of penguin lands.
  • Terry: I think your right.
  • Phoenix: Yes, I know I'm right on that.
  • Perxio: *appears from nowhere* Hey guys, got yourselves a tickle-loving penguin here.
  • Phoenix: You see, Perxio, here, is a friend of mine.
  • Perxio: I'm here for a good tickle.
  • Terry: So where did you came from?
  • Perxio: I came from Magellanic-Land.
  • Erik: What?

(Flashback starts from The Story of The Five Amigos 2)

  • Magellanic Penguin Elder: Wait a second, we are the elders and we should know by this. We're from Magellanic-Land.
  • Chinstrap Penguin Elder: We're from Chinstrap-Land.
  • Little Penguin Elder: And we're from Little-Land but also known as Little Blue-Land.
  • Angelo: That's nice and we're from Adelie-Land while these guys are from Emperor-Land.

(Flashback ends)

  • Erik: Wait WHAT? I though Magellanic-Land was destroyed by an earthquake.
  • Perxio: So what's the matter?
  • Erik: If Magellanic-Land was destroyed by an earthquake, how did you survive?
  • Perxio: Well, there was a huge ice piece falling and make our homes destroyed but now, they back for good.
  • Mumble: But Emperor-Land was destroyed by the Doomberg so we moved on to Penguin-Land as our new home.
  • Perxio: I'm sorry to hear that.

(After some time went by, something happens, Darksmoke has arrive by teleportering in a hole from Penguin Hell)

  • Darksmoke: Well, well, well, my revenge on Antarctica is here at last!
  • Perxio: *yawns* i'm taking a nap right now.
  • Darksmoke: Oh well *uses his sleep powder beam to attach Perxio by putting to sleep with sleep powder*.

(When Darksmoke captures Perxio and taken somewhere in Penguin Hell by using his translocating technique, he arrives at Penguin Hell and strapped Perxio down to the super tickle table in an x)

  • Darksmoke: The future is mine! I stole the popular Super Tickle Torment 9000 from Esequiel and everything is mine! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Meanwhile in Penguin-Land)

  • Edwin: Mumble! Phoenix! Come here!
  • Mumble: What?
  • Phoenix: It's that contact high guy again!
  • Edwin: Something terrible happen in Antarctica.
  • Phoenix: Tell me about it.
  • Edwin: A magellanic penguin has been capturped by our old enemy that tricked us as a penguin from a long time but is a dark cloud.
  • Phoenix: That's my friend they got ahold of! He even has the Super Tickle Torment 9000 tickle machine! He's going to use it to relentlessly tickle torture my friend! *worried* Oh man, oh man this is bad. We must get every ally to help us rescue our friend! He needs our help, and like..NOW!!!!
  • Mumble: Come on! We have to go to Adelie-Land to pick up the Amigos and go to Cape Adare to get the Friends of 7 Penguins.
  • Phoenix: We must do it!
  • Mumble: Then, we will go to Paulet Island to tell Esequiel about the stolen tickle torment machine Darksmoke stole.
  • Edwin: Okay.
  • Erik: Let's do this.

(In Penguin Hell)

  • Perxio: *barely awake, but too tired to know what's going on* Oh, I should not have taken that nap. Where am I? Phoenix? Mumble? Somebody? Could this be a joke?
  • Perxio: Wait, who's here?
  • Darksmoke: It's me Darksmoke, the greatest dark cloud in the universe! *forms into a emperor penguin*
  • Perxio: Memphis? Is that you?
  • Darkguin: Nope, i am Darksmoke but in my penguin form, my name is Darkguin.
  • Perxio: What place is this?
  • Darkguin: Oh, this is Penguin Hell, where all bad penguins of Antarctica get sent too and your getting send in here NOW!
  • ???: LEAVE IT TO ME!
  • Darkguin: What the?

(A female emperor penguin with silver eyes, a silver patch on her chest, a grey mouth, and a lighting pattern appears from nowhere)

  • ???: Leave it to me now Darksmoke!
  • Darkguin: Oh, it's you Light.
  • Light: My name is Light the Emperor Penguin and i come from the future.
  • Perxio: Light the Future Penguin?
  • Light: Yeah Mr. Magellanic Penguin.
  • Darkguin: Well, well, well, wanna fight for now while i created clones of myself to tickle Perxio?
  • Light: Sure.
  • Darkguin: Well, let's do it.
  • Perxio: Light, I hope you know what you're doing, 'cause I can take only so long of tickle torture before passing out.
  • Darkguin: So, i'm sending Darkeo to tickle you. *creates Darkeo back to life*
  • Darkeo: Huh? Where am i?
  • Darkguin: Darkeo, I am your son.
  • Darkeo: Darksmoke?
  • Darkeo: Oh. Long time no see dad.
  • Darkguin: I'm gonna fight Light right now while you use the Super Tickle Torment 9000 to tickle Perxio.
  • Darkeo: I will.
  • Perxio: Oh no! this is bad!
  • Light: Let's go.
  • Darkguin: Okay. *teleports with Light to fight somewhere in Penguin Hell*
  • Perxio: NOOOO!! SOMEONE HELP ME!!!

(Darkeo creates a lot of dark clouds including his siblings, Darkory, Darkboar and Darklisa.)

  • Darkboar: GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M BACK AGAIN!
  • Darkory: What is this place?
  • Darklisa: Well well well, are we gonna have a party or something?
  • Perxio: NO!
  • Darkeo: *freezes Perxio's beak with his freeze lazer* Okay guys listen up!, we gonna tickle him all day and night.
  • Dark Clouds: *cheers*.
  • Male Dark Cloud: YEAH!
  • Female Dark Cloud: AWESOME!
  • Perxio: *opens his beak by breaking the ice* Oh, No.
  • Darkeo: So, i will open up the Tickle Torment Kit from Esequiel's lab, and i will use some of his movesets to tickle him.
  • Darkory: *whistes from wooing*.
  • Perxio: *struggles against restraints, knowing what's happening.*
  • Darkeo: Let's tickle him *presses the green button to make the underarms-robotic hands appear, sides-robotic hands appear, feet-electric toothbrushes appear, belly-robotic hands, buffers, tickle lasers, and electric toothbrushes appear, and bellybutton-raspberry blowers appear*.
  • Darkeo: I know you like it.

(Meanwhile Back in Antarctica, there was a ice cliff with 6 skuas named: The Alpha Skua, Dino, Frankie, Vinnie, Francesco, and Brokebeak.)

  • Francesco: Everything is boring and what are we gonna do?
  • Brokebeak: *slaps Francesco's head* Nothing.
  • Francesco: Ow! i'm still an idiot.
  • Dino: Thank you Francesco.
  • Alpha Skua: Boys, SETTLE DOWN!
  • Vinnie: WHAT?
  • Frankie: We didn't do anything wrong.
  • Alpha Skua: I know, did anyone see a black hole in Antarctica today?
  • Francesco: Yeah.
  • Brokebeak: It was cool.
  • Frankie: And scary.
  • Alpha Skua: That's right, it's weird.

(When the 6 skuas begin laughing, the camera zooms down to Mumble, Terry, Phoenix, Edwin, Seymour, and their kids going on a search for the amigos)

  • Erik: So cousin, where are we going.
  • Shippo: To Adelie-Land!
  • Mumble: But the place with Sven on it since there is two adelie-lands.
  • Phoenix: I also heard that Ramón was brave for defeating the skuas.
  • Mumble: We team up together to fight the killer whales at the Forbidden Shore and it was easy and awesome.
  • Phoenix: Right now, we need to find a way to rescue our friend, Perxio.
  • Mumble: Look, were here in Adelie-Land.
  • Phoenix: Finally!
  • Atticus: Let's go.

(In Adelie-Land)

  • Raul: Hey Ramón.
  • Ramón: What is it Raul?
  • Raul: Did you saw a black hole at Antarctica today?
  • Ramón: No, but i was sleeping with Carmen.
  • Nestor: You know that is true scary.
  • Carmen: Maybe, Esequiel invented something new.
  • Lombardo: Esequiel?
  • Rinaldo: But he is our idol after Lovelace and Sven.

(The Emperors begin to appear)

  • Ramón: Hey tallboys.
  • Mumble: Hi Ramón and we need your help.
  • Raul: At first, who is this guy next to you?
  • Mumble: Oh, this is my brother Phoenix and his son Shippo.
  • Phoenix: Hi there.
  • Ramón: Hello.
  • Shippo: Adelie Penguins? what is this place?
  • Erik: This is Adelie-Land where Chinstrap, Little, and Magellanic Penguins live after their homes got destroyed by an earthquake. Adelie Penguins are known to be living here too.
  • Shippo: Oh.
  • Ramón: Let me tell something to you, which problem do you have in your mind?
  • Phoenix: Well, our friend, Perxio, who is a Magellanic penguin, he was captured by Darksmoke and was taken to a place called "Penguin Hell," and is being tickle tortured by Esequiel's super tickle machine that was stolen.
  • Carmen: And he stole Esequiel's famous tickle machine called the "Super Tickle Torment 9000"!
  • Phoenix: We must rescue our friend, and the tickle machine before anything else happens!
  • Mumble: But, how are we gonna get to the world, if we don't have the time machine with us.
  • Ramón: Maybe, we can get Angelo and his friends to come so we can go to Paulet Island.
  • Nestor: But they are at Cape Adare right now so we have to pick them up now before times run out.
  • Ramón: Let's go.
  • Mumble: Carmen, be sure to watch the Amigos nests while we go to Cape Adare to get Angelo and his friends.
  • Carmen: Okay, not a problem.
  • Mumble: Let's go Everyone.

(Back at Penguin Hell, Perxio is still getting tickled)

  • Darkeo: He like us? i thought he hate us.
  • Darkory: He is a tickle-loving penguin. He actually does hate us. It's the tickle torture that he loves. That's why he says he likes us.
  • Darkeo: Well, he was SUSPOSE TO HATE US!
  • Darklisa: BOYS!
  • Darkeo: Sorry, we will never fight again.
  • Darkory: It's okay brother.

(In Cape Adare)

  • Angelo: So, Estefan, everyone was discovering that Esequiel's tickle machine has been stolen by a ghost.
  • Estefan: Well, i was aware of that.
  • Enrique: And me too.
  • Angelo: It must be the same ghost that take over the hut a long time.
  • Raphael: Yeah and i hate it when it happens.

(The Emperors arrive at Cape Adare)

  • Ramón: We need to find where Roy and Xever is.
  • Phoenix: Well, we need to hurry. Perxio is probably being tickle tortured right now, and he can only last about 5-6 hours of relentless tickle torture before passing out from the lack of oxygen, which means he could passout if we don't hurry.
  • Mumble: Yeah.
  • Ramón: Let's find Angelo and the others right now.

(In the main section of Cape Adare)

  • Montay: Roy.
  • Roy: Yeah young chick.
  • Montay: Can i go to the bathroom?
  • Roy: Sure.
  • Montay: Thanks.
  • Ramón: Roy!
  • Roy: Ramón? What are you doing here?
  • Ramón: Have you seen Angelo, Estefan, Enrique, Raphael, Amigos, Estevan, and Elian?
  • Roy: I see them somewhere around this land.
  • Xever: And they are at the left section of this land.
  • Phoenix: We need to hurry. Perxio is being tickle tortured right now.
  • Mumble: Okay.

(In the left section of Cape Adare)

  • Elian: Did you see Ramón coming?
  • Estevan: Yeah.
  • Angelo: It's look like he's here with his pack of friends.
  • Ramón: Angelo!
  • Angelo: Ramón!
  • Ramón: Were here to pick you up.
  • Angelo: So, where are we going?
  • Mumble: To Paulet Island, but we have to take the ocean to Cape Adare to swim there.
  • Angelo: Okay and let's go boys.
  • The Friends of 6 Penguins: ALRIGHT!
  • Phoenix: Let us go, then, to rescue our friend.

(When the Friends of 7 Penguins, The Five Amigos, and the Emperors begin to swim off to Paulet Island, meanwhile at Alexander Island)

  • Researchers Aurora Captain: Lilly!
  • Lilly: What?
  • Researchers Aurora Captain: The penguins are swimming off to Paulet Island, we have to go there to explore.
  • Lilly: Okay, And *looks at the people* everyone report back to the ship.

(After all of the aliens report back to the Reseachers Aurora Ship, the ship was now heading to Paulet Island where the penguins are going to and back in Penguin Hell)

  • Darkeo: Awwwwwwwww, no more Mumble Happy Feet.
  • Darkeo: Seems funny.

(In the ocean of Paulet Island)

  • Terry: How long is this island?
  • Edwin: I don't know.
  • Erik: Dad! i hate riding on your back and can i swim?
  • Mumble: No, it is a but to dangerous for you to swim there. You will be drowned forever.
  • Shippo: Yeah Erik, my father is letting me ride on his back.
  • Seymour: Erik, Atticus is riding on my back.
  • Atticus: Come on Erik and why don't you try it?
  • Ashley: It's easy to ride on your father's back since you can't swim.
  • Erik: But we remember when we try the water and the water is cool.
  • Lauren: I know, but the water is too cold for us to swim.
  • Amigos: Is there a argument going on?
  • Raphael: No, but i am the best diving champion in the world.
  • Ramón: Paulet Island!
  • Raul: We made it at last!
  • Nestor: Finally.
  • Lombardo: The mambo has started!
  • Rinaldo: Let's go!
  • Raul: I wonder if we can dance for now.
  • Phoenix: We don't have the time for dancing! We are on a rescue mission!
  • Raul: Okay. We're not dancing.
  • Phoenix: What we need to focus on right now, is rescuing our friend and the super tickle torment 9000. Perxio is being tortured right now.

(In the lands of Paulet Island)

  • Mumble: We need to find Esequiel.
  • Raul: He is an adelie penguin with orange eyes and likes to wear his ice glasses to see better.
  • Phoenix: I know.
  • Shippo: Man, why these adelie penguins keep on making a lot of noises?
  • Phoenix: I don't know, son. We just need to worry about our rescue mission right now.
  • Nestor: *shouting* Esequiel, Esequiel, oh Esequiel, where are you?
  • Ramón: He's heading to his lab!
  • Phoenix: Let's go.

(At the outside section of Esequiel's Tickle Lab)

  • Mumble: So this is what his lab looks like.
  • Ramón: When he came to Cape Adare, he gives Roy a tickle test.
  • Raul: And he gave me a tickle test too.

(The elevator of the tickle lab opens)

  • Mumble: Let's go.

(Everyone enter the elevator and they made to Esequiel's Tickle Lab)

  • Ramón: Esequiel!
  • Esequiel: Ramón, it's good to see you again.
  • Mumble: Hi there.
  • Esequiel: Mumble? Uh.....i don't remember. Who are you?
  • Mumble: My name is Mumble HappyFeet, and here is my brother Phoenix, my son Erik, and my son's cousin Shippo.
  • Esequiel: Cool. What about the others?
  • Seymour: I'm Seymour and this is my son Atticus.
  • Terry: I'm Terry and this is my daughter Ashley.
  • Edwin: I'm Edwin and this is my daughter Lauren.
  • Angelo: I'm Angelo.
  • Estefan: I'm Estefan.
  • Enrique: I'm Enrique.
  • Raphael: I'm Raphael, the best diving champion ever!
  • Amigos: I'm Amigos.
  • Ramón: Just like our group name "The Amigos".
  • Estevan: I'm Estevan.
  • Elian: And i'm Elian.
  • Esequiel: Penguins of Antarctica, we have some trouble around the future since the death of the evil Doomberg blocking Emperor-Land.
  • Mumble: Who is causing to take over the future?
  • Esequiel: Darksmoke, he has returned for the second time and i have a tickle torment called "The Tickle Moving Torment 3000". I will use it as my popular invention since that dark cloud stole my tickle torment and the time machine will be working any minute.
  • Phoenix: I hope so, because Perxio is still being tortured by the STT9000. He has about 5 hours before he passes out from the tickle torture.
  • Esequiel: He stole my tickle torment and he's gonna put dark cloud seeds in the snow and make Antarctica destroyed like the last time when Darkeo is invasioning the entire Antarctic with his minions, the same Darksmoke did by forming into a Bug-guin Monster.
  • Phoenix: We can stop them just like we did last time. Their numbers are low compared to us. We are many, the enemy is few. We can stop them, and get back what's ours.
  • Mumble: Phoenix, you weren't there, you were in your Emperor Penguin colony on Snow Hill Island.
  • Phoenix: True, but we can still stop the enemy.
  • Esequiel: Do you want to get tickled right now?
  • Phoenix: Sure before the time machine starts.
  • Esequiel: Okay and Mumble, you are going to tickle your brother Phoenix.
  • Mumble: Sure.

(The Tickle Moving Torment 3000 was set up and Mumble uses one of the buttons to tickle Phoenix)


(The screen changes to Perxio getting tickled in Penguin Hell.)

  • Darkeo: Maybe, he need some little sleep *turn off the Super Tickle Torment 9000 and the tools for the torment stop tickling Perxio*.
  • Perxio: Can you take me back to Antarctica?
  • Darkeo: Never! Darkory and Darkboar, take him to his new home.
  • Darkory: Sure.
  • Perxio: Oh no.

(Back in Paulet Island of Antarctica)

  • Phoenix: The torture just stopped. They're keeping him captive.
  • Mumble: Kids Stop! stop asking me to get a turn, i'm tired of it!
  • Erik: But i want to try.
  • Mumble: No use Erik, your too little to do that!
  • Erik: But i did it on Snow Hill Cavern.
  • Mumble: Hey, i remember now! I know Esequiel and my brother Phoenix.
  • Esequiel: That's fantastic!
  • Atticus: Or Turbo-Tastic.
  • Phoenix: We must still hurry and get back what's ours before its too late.
  • Esequiel: It's look like that the time machine is working!
  • Atticus: Hooray!
  • Terry: Yes!
  • Shippo: Yay! and we can go now!
  • Mumble: Finally.
  • Phoenix: Let's go.
  • Shippo: Alright!
  • Esequiel: Thank you everyone for coming and you must go to that potal right now to take you to the past.
  • Phoenix: Alright, let's go get back what's ours!
  • Mumble: Okay.
  • Ramón: See you next time our amigo.
  • Esequiel: And remember to bring back the Super Tickle Torment 9000 for me.
  • Ramón: We know.
  • Esequiel: By the way, ciao.


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