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This article is about the second chapter of the Happy Peep episode Tickle Torment Future.


(After everyone enter the potal, meanwhile in the future at Amigos Cave that is taking the events of The Story of The Five Amigos)

  • Kid Ramón: I'm bored and what will we do?
  • Kid Raul: Play in the pool?
  • All except Raul: NO!
  • Kid Raul: What?
  • Kid Lombardo: There's something that we gonna play.
  • Kid Ramón: Let me check under the bed *looks under the bed and see two paperclips*. And how about a game of-

(A sound from the future was lighting up)

  • Kid Rinaldo: What that sound?
  • Kid Nestor: I don't know?
  • Kid Ramón: Let's play a game called "Clink"
  • The Amigos except Ramón: ALRIGHT!

(The music "Clink Clink Clink" begins)

  • Kid Ramón: Now, here's how to play, hold a paperclip and clink it fast like playing ice sticks and when the paperclip falls on the ice, you lose while someone win and if all of the paperclips fall on the ice, it's a tie.
  • Kid Raul: I get it and let me try.
  • Kid Ramón: Okay *gives a paperclip to Raul*.
  • Kid Raul: Thanks.
  • Kid Ramón: *singing*

"Your going to a new land

Where they are penguins staying here

And there is clinking on the wall and there is clinking on the ice

We were exlied from our home and there is nothing to do

And Roy is gonna be berserk, and i am gonna miss the girls!

Now Clink Clink Clink!

Your going to Amigos Cave

Now Clink Clink Clink!

Your going to Amigos Cave"

  • The Amigos *singing*

"Now Clink Clink Clink!

Your gonna see Lovelace right now!

Now Clink Clink Clink!

Your gonna see Lovelace right now!"

  • Kid Raul: *singing*

"Penguins in Adélie Village are gonna defeat the skuas!

And there is clinking on the wall and there is clinking on the ice

The Boss Skua is sawing that the penguins are clinking

And the boss skua catch them here. The parents will cry!"

  • The Amigos: *singing*

"Now Clink Clink Clink!

Your going to the Skua-Land

Now Clink Clink Clink!

Your going to the Skua-Land

Now Clink Clink Clink!

Your going to the Skua-Land

Now Clink Clink Clink!

Your going to the Skua-Land"

  • Kid Nestor: *singing*

"There fighting and there taging

And the penguins are gonna do it

And the penguins win. The skuas lose

There baby chicks are now back

And they gonna sent them to there homes

And there now back here. The nightmare gone. Come on!"

  • The Amigos *singing*

"Now Clink Clink Clink!

Our home is Amigos Cave

Now Clink Clink Clink!

And the battle is gonna tie

Now Clink Clink Clink!

And your going to sleep right now!

Now Clink Clink Clink!

And the battle is gonna tie!"

(The song was now over and the battle begins to end up in a tie)

  • Kid Ramón: Woo hoo! we draw!
  • Kid Raul: It's okay.
  • Kid Nestor: Hey! what about us?

(The potal outside of Amigos Cave was opening and the present time penguins have arrive to the past era)

  • Mumble: What the?
  • Terry: What is this place?
  • Phoenix: This is not Penguin Hell! this is the past!
  • Ramón: Hey! it's our old home Amigos Cave.
  • Raul: Were back!

(Inside of Amigos Cave)

  • Kid Raul: Did you hear that?
  • Kid Ramón: I don't know, let's check and see what's happening.
  • Kid Nestor: Okay.

(Back Outside of Amigos Cave)

  • Mumble: Is this the entrance to Penguin Hell or not?
  • Phoenix: I hope it is, 'cause we only have a short time to get back what's ours.
  • Kid Ramón: Hey! what is going on in here? This is Amigos Cave not Penguin Hell.
  • Raul: Are these kids lost?
  • Ramón: Hey, it's our counterparts!
  • Kid Ramón: Really?
  • Ramón: Yes and were from the future.
  • Phoenix: Hey, were in the past!
  • Mumble: But now we have to try to find my counterpart as a baby.
  • Erik: Alright!
  • Phoenix: I suppose we could take a few minutes and do that.
  • Mumble: But what about Penguin Hell?
  • Raul: Forgot about it Mumble. We will go there in the hell era.
  • Mumble: Okay.

(In Emperor-Land)

  • Shippo: Wow, so this is what Emperor-Land looks like before it changed from the Doomberg.
  • Phoenix: That's right, son. It's almost like reliving the past.
  • Mumble: Hey, it's me as a baby.
  • Phoenix: Come on, say hello to him.
  • Mumble: But he's far away from us and talking to my parents from the future.
  • Phoneix: Well, i know right, you have to make it quick.
  • Mumble: Okay.
  • Phoenix: Let's go do that within a short time. *sighs* I can't imagine what is being done to our friend right now.

(In Memphis and Norma Jean's cave)

  • Baby Mumble: Mommy, I want food! I want food!
  • Norma Jean: Mumble, mommy has to go fishing to find fish in the water.
  • Memphis: But you can have snow as your snack.
  • Baby Mumble: It's melt as water?
  • Norma Jean: Yes like Snow Cones.
  • Mumble: Mumble!
  • Baby Mumble: Mom, Dad, there is a person that looks like me.
  • Mumble: I'm Mumble from the future.
  • Baby Mumble: And there is another person that looks like me.
  • Phoenix: Hi, little Mumble. My name is Phoenix from the future. About this time, Baby Phoenix will hatch from his egg and you are his brother. He has a heartsong which is Bridge of Light. It is a song to listen to when you are feeling down. When Baby Phoenix sings it, his classmates, even his teacher and the other penguins here will love it.
  • Baby Mumble: Oh.
  • Baby Ramón: Hey smallboy, meet your future son Erik.
  • Erik: Hi.
  • Baby Mumble: Why does everybody in Emperor-Land looks like me.
  • Baby Ramón: I'm a Adelie and there different kind of penguin species in the world.
  • Erik: Your going to my father when you grow up.
  • Baby Mumble: I'm gonna try to win Gloria's heart and get you as your future name.
  • Phoenix: Baby Phoenix would be happy to have you as his brother. In fact, he won't mind having a brother who can't sing. He will think that his brother is just fine the way he is.
  • Baby Mumble: Ummmm, yeah.
  • Phoenix: Even your mother would agree to that.

(Meanwhile in the other side of Penguin Hell)

  • Light *pains* GRRRRRRRRRR, what have you done!
  • Darkguin: Well, well, well, i would like to end you NOW!.
  • Lord Darktisk: Go Darkguin, you can do it!

(In the caves of Penguin Hell)

  • Darkeo: Welcome to your new home Perxio.
  • Perxio: My new home?
  • Darkeo: Yes, your going to be living here FOREVER!
  • Darkory: This is where you can relax and eat burned fish.
  • Perxio: What do you mean by "relax" in this horrible place?
  • Darkeo: Sorry Perxio, there is no T.V, no pool, no games, and NO OTHER FUN!
  • Darkory: You can only eat burned fish, draw on the wall, and go to sleep in the cave of Penguin Hell.
  • Perxio: What? but how do we get water?
  • Darkeo: We don't, there's none here except for lava if you want to die in fire.
  • Perxio: What? *dreaming of something he worried about* No Penguins? No Esequiel? And No Antarctica?
  • Darkeo: Nothing, all gone except for the tickle torment we stole.
  • Darkeo: Scream whatever you want.
  • Perxio: *walks* No fishes for me, I want fishes, i need it.

(Meanwhile back in the other side of Penguin Hell)

  • Darkguin: *shoots his laser gun to Light* MMMWWWWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA WE DID IT! WE WON!
  • Light: NOOOOOOOOOOO.................*coughs out from her blue-black blood*.
  • Darkguin: *singing* We did it, We did it, We did it, We did it, we won, we WON!
  • Darkguin: *forms into a dark cloud*: Finally, that Mumble HappyFeet is no more!

(Meanwhile back in the caves of Antarctica)

  • Perxio: Perxio want fishes, Perxio want fishes NOW! *sighs and scream to power up to cause an earthquake* NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Back again in the other side of Penguin Hell)

  • Light:
  • Darksmoke: YES! THE END IS NEAR.
  • Lord Darktisk: Let's work together to take over the entire antarctic.
  • Darksmoke: Sure.

(Darksmoke and Lord Darktisk uses the power to take over the future and everything around the world is going white. Now back in Emperor-Land in the past.)


(The worlds from the future begins to go white, and in Snow Hill Island)

  • Catherine: What the?

(Everyone from Snow Hill Island is going white and in Penguin-Land)

  • Gloria: Oh my boys, i hope you all come back.

(The entire Penguin-Land begins to go white with everyone screaming. Next, in the Happy Feet Two world, Sven was being prepared to start his warming saga to Erik but the light begins to block them out. And last, Esequiel as a chick from the future was about to invent something, but the light attacks him and everyone from Paulet Island. In Penguin Hell.)

  • Perxio: Perxio want-
  • Darkboar: *arrives with his cage* HEY YOU! GET IN THE CAGE FOR YOUR BAD BEHAVIOR.
  • Perxio: NO I WON'T! YOU WILL PAY FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE! *thinking* I have to act now and save myself, my friends, Light, the machine and Antarctica.

(Perxio then lunges at Darkboar and forcefully knocks the cage out of his hand, also destroying the cage as well. He then attacks each one of the bad guys, knocking them into the lava area. After the bad guys are taken care of, he grabs the laser gun and reverses the effect, also bringing Light back to full health. He then uses a little power of his own to restore everything to the way it was, also making himself, Light, and the STT9000 begins to move on to find Darksmoke.)

  • Light: Thank you for saving me Perxio.
  • Perxio: Your welcome.
  • Darkeo: NOOOOOOOOOO! *coughs* YOU KILLED ALL OF MY FRIENDS AND THE CAGE! *spins to attack Perxio and Light*.
  • Light: Perxio Look Out!
  • Perxio: *turns around to Darkeo and defeats him with his punching fin*.

(Darkeo begins to fall off in the lava.)

  • Perxio: It's time to stop Darksmoke. Light, I could use your help in doing this.
  • Light: Okay.
  • Perxio: I also want to stop living my nightmare. We must hurry and get what we need done and get back to Antarctica.
  • Light: Let's go.


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