Trent the Taniwhasaurus is a mosasaur from the cretaceous period whom Mumble and co found trapped in ice, the Happy Feets got him out, but Trent had a rough awakening as he now found himself in a new time, which he is having trouble adjusting to, as he feels lost and confused, but accepts any help the Happy Feets and company can provide.


As a mosasaur, Trent is a marine reptile capable of hunting animals bigger than himself. Like seals, he is a formidable predator in water, but slower moving on land, although he can waddle a little, he mostly gets around on land by tobogganing(belly-sliding). since mosasaurs are related to monitor lizards, he is cold-blooded, but he doesn't really feel cold very much. His eyes are dark grey. His skin coloring is very random(given that true pigment in fossils are almost impossible to find), but his coloring is usually like any sea creature, darkish color on his back, lightish color on his belly.

Since his species are related to Tylosaurus,which are well known for eating sharks, seabirds, other mosasaurs and plesiosaurs, such as Dolichorhynchops,(see "Sea Monsters; A prehistoric Adventure") he'll eat any animal he can handle(e.g. seals, whales, seabirds and large invertebrates)and also carrion.


Trent is surprisingly friendly for his species, given that he was trapped in suspended animation for millions of years, he's willing to accept help from anybody, but he won't trust them until he gets to know them. If they care about someone else's life or well-being, he accepts them as a true friend, but if they're evil or just jerks, he'll hate them and will often act hostile. He is sometimes short-tempered and not afraid to tell anyone off or get physical.

He is also incredibly brave, willing to protect those he cares about from even the deadliest enemy. He also believes in freedom, and thinks everyone deserves such. He also hates being resented, both for himself and his friends. He became Mumble's friend right from the start, due to being revived by him, and also enjoys Mumble's tap dancing (he even does some of it himself)and Mumble's family and friends. except for Noah the Elder, Bryan the Beach Master and, at least a little, Memphis, Maurice and Michelle, Whom he considered jerks at first, manly due to hearing the story when the emperors originally resented Mumble, and for Bryan, he considered to be selfish, rude and manipulative, but he accepted them all as friends later, after hearing their redemption. He often acts as a bodyguard for Mumble and his family and friends, who in return, teach him about the new world he is in and help him adapt.

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