Triceratops mount

T. horridus skeleton mounted with modern limb-posture, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

Triceratops is a species of ceratopsian Dinosaur that penguins were able to transform into during the Prehistoric Party and in MarioFan65's crossover fan-fiction, Club Penguin And Happy Feet The Crossover 2.


In Real LifeEdit


  • There are 4 Triceratops eggs: Orange, Aqua, Lavender and Red. The Red is the biggest of them.
  • They seem to have some feathers or quills along their back, a relative called Psittacosaurus also has quills, but it is unknown if Triceratops does too(in real life).
  • They resemble rhinoceros'.


  • Aqua: Watch out for this territorial Triceratops-it will charge any enemy, regardless of size.
  • Orange: This Triceratops is heavier than 23 cavenguins. Also noisier.
  • Lavender: Though generally a peaceful creature, it can crush titanium when it's angry.
  • Red: This dreaded red Triceratops is known to knock down mountains for fun. For FUN.


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