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Will the Krill
Char 63482
Gender Male
Relatives Can be any in Fan-Fictions
Appearance Black Eyes: Orange Eyes
Voiced By Brad Pitt

Will is a krill who lives in a swarm in the Antarctic Circle.


Will is an adventurous Krill who wants to leave the swarm and be "Apex Predator." His friend Bill however objects this idea at first. Will first tries his first victim, the Leopard Seal. After a "fight" with a leopard seal, Will is pretty excited about his new predator livestyle and starts delusional singing. After Bill gets on his last nerve, Will suggests they go their seperate ways. Will and Bill split up after a "Predator Convention" where Sven tries to catch fish for Gloria. And just after he says this, he is eaten by a fish which is caught by Sven. Will goes onto land after he dropped from the mouth of a fish that Sven caught for Gloria. He gets tossed and tumbled all the way through Emperor Land. After awhile he discovers the joys of dancing. He meets "The Aliens" and after Sven's Svenish Song and dance he starts to think Bill was right about his being to ambitious. Will then is reunited with Bill and the swarm. Bill, along with the other Krill convince him he was right. He saved the Emperor Penguins from the Doomberg when he "brought out his happy" by dancing underneath it.

Thus the krill's last appearance until possible future releases.

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